In 2002 the first showroom featuring low vision products was open at 108th and Maple, and in 2003 a bigger showroom was opened at 120th and Center called the Low Vision Mart.  In 2004 F1-Key, LLC changed its corporate status to an S Corporation and renamed to Accessibility dot Net,  Inc. and moved to 111th and Fort. 

Founded in 2007 by Patrick (Pat) J. Fischer as a retail store in Omaha, Nebraska.  Today Patrick has has partnered with NanoPac, Inc. which is a 30 year old company out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that is America's leading Assistive Technology company serving 8 states.  NanoPac providess all the products on this website along with life-time, toll-free telephone support.  Patrick lives in Omaha and serves the State of Nebraska by providing in-home demos, as well as he delivers and installs the products NanoPac sells.

We specialize in helping persons with low vision by providing all the products needed to help you read, and remain independent.   The Nebraska Low Vision team will deliver, install and provide you training on the products you purchase.  Then for the life of the product NanoPac, inc. will provide you toll-free telephone support when you need help.  

At Nebraskla Low Vision, we believe in the importance of reading and writing for persons that have low vision because these abilities allow us to enrich our minds and express ourselves. New technology gives those who suffer from vision loss the ability to read, write, and maintain their independence.  Whether you suffer from macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa or other visual impairments, our top-of-the-line magnifiers will help you to read and write again. They will help you enjoy pictures of your loves ones, and assist you in everyday activities like reading pharmacy labels and restaurant menus.