About Nebraska Low Vision


Nebraska Low Vision founder Patrick J. Fischer

• Nebraska Low Vision is backed by NanoPac, Inc. on all the products we sell and that includes life-time support.  NanoPac, Inc. is America's best company providing life-time support for the blind and visually impaired.  NanoPac's website is https://nanopac.com/

• Nebraska Low Vision was founded by Patrick J. Fischer who has been helping the blind and visually impaired since 1990. Patrick is an entrepreneur that loves technology and helping people blind and visually impaired find solutions that allow them to remain independent.  The name Nebraska Low Vision was first used on a retail store in Omaha, Nebraska and they had vehicles that traveled Nebraska providing service. 

• In May of 2014 Patrick closed the retail store, sold the vehicles,  and then merged all manufacturers with NanoPac, Inc. That was a very strategic move as NanoPac, which was founded in 1987, is clearly America's best company dedicated to serving the Blind and visually impaired. NanoPac, Inc. provides Nebraska Low Vision with access and availability to the majority of manufacturers that make products which help the blind and visually impaired. More important than that, Nebraska Low Vision provides life-time support from NanoPac on every product sold. Service is number one for NanoPac and Nebraska Low Vision!

• Nebraska Low Vision comes directly to a person's home or office to provide free demos of products which can help a person remain independent. These demos allow you a chance to try it, before you buy it. If you like a product that we show you than we will have a new product to sell you right there. Nebraska Low Vision advertises as your life-time dealer, that provides life-time support, because that is exactly what Nebraska Low vision guarantees you.

• If you have an older unit and want to upgrade, Nebraska Low Vision will give you some money back and take your old unit in for trade. Free pickup and removal of older units with all trade-ins.

• Nebraska Low Vision has an on-line store for shopping and we provide life-time support on all the products we sell. Nebraska Low Vision's service department serves the State of Nebraska and Iowa and provides in-home service providing in-warranty, and out of warranty repairs for customers. Nebraska Low Vision works on most CCTV's, and other magnification devices to repair, upgrade or replace defective units as needed.

The Manufacturers we work on are:


Enhanced Vision

Freedom Scientific






* If your manufacturer is not listed, don't worry as our technical staff works on everything.

• Nebraska Low Vision works on products that were purchased from other companies. so when you don't get the support you deserve, call us so we may help you.